Some new things after good talk with an early beta tester

My cousin Joost and his associate visited me this morning to discuss their findings in beta testing ReviewTycoon last week.

We had a good talk, I learned a lot and made a great list with improvements which I will start working on today.

It was excellent to talk to someone who is so enthusiastic about the software and is really eager to start his projects.

Some of the improvements:

  • There has got to be a good tutorial, especially if newbies also want to use the ReviewTycoon.
  • On mobile the hamburger menu falls off screen when the sitename is too long.
  • I noticed that 9 columns instead of 6 wide for forms is way better on not so big screens.
  • It's easier to ask for affiliate information on Edit Website instead of Add Website.
  • The ranking of the top 10 on the frontpage was not taking affiliate links into account.
  • The WYSIWYG editor lacked some functionality like insert links, tables and lists.

Overall, it was great to see someone else working with the software and see what's working intuitively and what needs some improvement.