• Step 1, Creating and editing your Review Sites

    Add Domain When you’ve created an account, the first step will be to add a domain. The standard package will let you add a maximum of 5. When you click on My Review Sites / Add Review Site, you st

  • Step 2, adding and editing an Offer to your Review Site

    Add Offer When your domain is live, you can start adding websites/offers to your Review Site. You can do this by going to the side bar and click on Offers/ Add Offer. Select the Domain you want to us

  • Step 3, adding, editing and buying Content

    In order to get ranked in search engines like Google, your domain needs content. The first content on your domain will probably be the editorial reviews of the websites you’ve added. With Review

  • Step 4, adding and editing Categories

    When you add a Website to your Domain, you have the option to directly create a  new category. To have more control over your category page, you can find extra features and options in the Categor

  • Can I use a subdomain for ReviewTycoon instead a root domain?

    Unfortunately, our CDN (CloudFlare) only supports root domains and not subdomains. If you have trouble finding a suitable free domain name for your review site, just let us know. We have several domai