Step 4, adding and editing Categories

Update: 1 juni 2020

When you add a Website to your Domain, you have the option to directly create a  new category. To have more control over your category page, you can find extra features and options in the Categories menu in the sidebar. You can add new categories there or edit your existing categories

Add Category

When you add a new category through Add Category, the first thing you have to add is the "Title". If this new category is a sub category, you can choose a “Parent Category”, if not, you can just leave it like it is. 

You can use the “Description” field to add content that will show above the first website in the category. When you enter content in the next field “Extra Information” it will show below the last website in the category.

Edit Category

When you want to edit an already existing category, just click Edit Category. Select your Domain and choose your Category

There will be a couple of other extra options, besides, Title, Parent Category, Description and Extra Information (which are explained in Add Category). Like all the other pages you will have the option to at a Title Tag. This is the Meta Title of your category page. The meta title is displayed on your browser tab and tells you what page you're on. It is also shown by search engines to your potential visitors. When you don’t do anything, it is generated based on the title of the website.

You will have the option to change the Slug too. The category slug is part of the URL that comes after the domain. So for example You can use it to restructure your URL. A slug will always be automatically created first, based on the title of category.

The Meta Description, is the description of the page, that is shown to your potential visitors in search engines. Here it will also be automatically generated, when you have filled in nothing. It will be based on the first few sentences of the website that is listed first.