Step 3, adding, editing and buying Content

Update: 1 juni 2020

In order to get ranked in search engines like Google, your domain needs content. The first content on your domain will probably be the editorial reviews of the websites you’ve added. With ReviewTycoon you also have the option to add additional content, in the form of articles. This is a great way to keep your site new and fresh, just as Google likes it. You will also attract new visitors, that will find your site via those articles. Writing articles and editorial reviews cost time and that is why we offer the option to get custom content for a very reasonable price.

Buy Content

We offer you the service of using our content writers to work for you.

These writers know the ReviewTycoon system very well and are skilled in writing editorial reviews and articles. They can also look for new websites than can be added to your domain.


You can of course also add articles yourself. Just click on content / articles in the side bar and find the blue button in the right top corner that says Add article. 

When you add your first article, a new tab will be created in the top menu of your Domain, that is called Blog. It will list all your future articles.

First choose the Domain you want the article on. Think of a Title and use the big text area for your Content. You will find your formatting here and you can add pictures. 

You have to option to link the article to a specific Website. On the bottom of the article will be a button to that page.

It is also possible to link the article to a specific Category on your Domain, so your article will be listed on that page too.

The last field is Author. This dropdown menu will be empty until you create one first. You can do this by going to Content / Authors in de sidebar. Choose a Domain and fill out the Author’s name. You can also at a Biography and a link. When you create an article and select this Author, it will be at the bottom of an article.