Step 2, adding and editing an Offer to your Review Site

Update: 1 juni 2020

Add Offer

When your domain is live, you can start adding websites/offers to your Review Site. You can do this by going to the side bar and click on Offers/ Add Offer. Select the Domain you want to use in the dropdown menu and add the URL. Don’t forget to add http:// or https://. 

The next steps are the title, category and description. For the title you normally use the name of the website. The category you can select in the dropdown menu, or if there is no category yet, you can create a new one. The Description field you can use to add information about the website you just added to your domain. When you enter the URL our software automatically collects the meta description of the website. In the next step however, you have more control over the Description part, so if you want to write an extensive review, it is better to do it after you clicked Add Website.

By clicking Add Offer the site will be on your Review Site. The next screen gives you more control about what to do with this specific page.

Edit Offer

When you click on Offers / Edit Offer, you can add more information to a specific page. (After you’ve added an offer, you will be redirected to “Edit Offer” automatically). Select the domain where the website is listed and select the offer you want to edit in the dropdown menu. The first tab is “Main Information”

Main Information

There are a couple of options here. You see the URL of the site, the Title and the Category. If you change this, don’t forget to put http:// or https:// in front of the URL. 

In the Description field you see the information you wrote when you added the website. Now however, there are more formatting options, and you have the option to add hyperlinks and pictures and you can add whole snippets by clicking on an icon after the big purple B.

When visitors go to your domain they will look at your Top 10 on the front page. The text they will see are the first few sentences of the listed website’s description. If you want to change this text, (but not the whole description), you can do this in the “Custom Top 10 text” field.

You also have the option to add an author to the editorial review of your offer. If you haven't created one yet, simply click on [edit] and it will direct you to the author page (you can also find this in the sidebar under Content / Authors. When you've created an author, you can use it for all your editorial reviews or blog posts.

Affiliate Information

In the first field you can put your affiliate URL. The links are “cloaked” which means that a visitor who clicks the link on your site will see something like this: https://www.the_name_of_ category_the_site_is_in/the_website/out.php. If you have a specific URL for mobile users, you can add it in the next field.

The other fields are more related to the listing of the website on your domain. You can Pause a campaign, pick the affiliate network that is used and the program id of the offer and manually enter the eCPC, which will influence the position of the website on your domain.

Ranking Settings

The ranking settings are spots where you can promote a specific offer on your Review Site. The toplink, you will find all the way up, in the header. The spotlight you will find in the sidebar and it also shows the screenshot of the website. Popular you will also find in the sidebar and are textlinks. When you click “yes” for the footer, there will be a text link to the site in the footer at the bottom of the site. 

With Rank, you can manage where the site is placed in the top 10 on the frontpage and the category pages of your domain. Higher is higher. So when you enter, “1” it will be first in the top 10 and on the category page. 

SEO Settings

On this page you can edit how google (and other search engines) see your site. The slug is part of the URL that comes after the domain and the category, i.e. the name of the added website. When you don’t do anything, it is generated based on the title of the website.

You can enter your own meta title in the next field. The meta title is displayed on your browser tab and tells you what page you're on. It is also shown by search engines to your potential visitors. It is the same here as with the slug, when you don’t fill out anything, it is generated based on the title of the website.

The meta description, is the description of the page, that is shown to your potential visitors in search engines.There is no direct ranking benefit, but if you write an interesting description, more people will click on your result. Here it will also be automatically generated based on the first few sentences of the website description, when you have nothing filled in.

Here you can read some more about Meta Tags and SEO

Review Settings

The editorial rating, is the rating that will show on the website review you’ve added. But only if “Editorial Rating” has been marked in your domain settings. There are a couple of ways to use ratings. The ratings on the site can be:

  • Average Consumer Rating
  • Editorial Rating
  • Price

To check which one is used, go to “Edit Review Site” and the tab “Review Settings”. There you can choose an option.

The next field is for a summary of your editorial review. It will be shown next to the rating.

Price is a field that can be used to show a specific price, instead of the rating. You have to chance to the “Price” option in “Edit Domain” and the tab “Review Settings”. 


In the next tab, Content, you have the options to add extra information to your editorial review. You can add pro’s and con’s or simply a whole new information field. When you add an information section, it will show in the index in the sidebar of your offer page.