• Creating a custom TOS / Privacy or setting up a new page

    With ReviewTycoon you can also create new pages, that you can use for all kinds of different purposes. You can find this option when you go to Content / Pages. First you start out with the title. You

  • Sites available on a specific location

    When you have sites or offers on your domain with a physical location, you can also use ReviewTycoon to help your visitors find one that is nearby or on a location that they will travel to. To turn th

  • Creating information labels and comparison tables

    Creating information labels Information labels, are labels you can create that will be at the bottom of your editorial review. It will look something like this: In this case there are, the labels

  • Creating landing pages

    With reviewtycoon you can instantly create new landing pages based on the offers that are already on your review site. Do you want to send traffic to for example 5 specific offers on your review site?