Creating a custom TOS / Privacy or setting up a new page

Update: 1 juni 2020

With ReviewTycoon you can also create new pages, that you can use for all kinds of different purposes. You can find this option when you go to Content / Pages.

First you start out with the title. You can use the head tag for your script or you can add it to Contents. There are 3 ways this page can be displayed on your site. Just mark one of the check boxes (or all of them). You can have a link in the main navigation:

top navigation

and / or in the footer or in the sidebar.

add to footer

TOS and Privacy in the footer

The current Privacy and TOS pages that come with ReviewTycoon are in English or Dutch only. You can turn them off (or on) by going to Edit ReviewSite/ Miscellaneous Settings. Scroll down to toggle Show link to Terms in footer and Show link to Privacy Statement in footer

It is not possible to edit them, but by using the above method you can create a custom one or one that is in a different language.