Writing great reviews for your Review Site

11 februari 2021

Creating a review site can be a great choice if you are considering promoting a product or a service. Why? First of all, reviews are very useful for consumers as well as sellers of a product/service. If you want help to make the right choices or if you want to get more detailed information about something everybody will Google it first. This means that there are a lot of people who are interested in your content. With good quality reviews that really help them evaluate things before buying, you can direct a buyer to the right site. Getting a percentage of that sale means you can really earn ...

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Creating a mini product Review Site

29 september 2020

Many people will wonder what mini product review sites actually are. Mini product review sites are small, highly targeted sites that only exist to promote one product or product type. For example, you can think of sites that only promote luxury cars or sites that only deal with dating sites. These sites usually don't span more than 10 to 20 pages and consist of a product review, a comparison table and a few other supporting content, referencing back to the main page. Ranking, online search engine and keyword research The mini product review sites can be put together quickly and easily, ...

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What are the must have features of a review site?

22 september 2020

Before you buy a product or sign up with a site, everybody always looks for reviews first. Review sites are used to compare various providers or to  read experiences of a product that you would like to purchase. Most review site owners can make a really good living from this. If you want to build a review site as well or if you are already building a review site, you will of course wonder which features a review site must have in order to be successful and how you can make money from it. This article will go into more detail about the features a review site must have.  Full co ...

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What is a review site?

21 september 2020

Nowadays the internet is indispensable and offers many people the opportunity not only to search for information or to maintain contact with family and friends, but you can also earn a lot of money. Knowing where to start to make money via the internet, however, is one of the biggest obstacles aspiring online entrepreneurs face. Not everyone succeeds in being successful on the internet when it comes to making money online. One of the most common types of websites that will help you earn money are review sites. These sites have become popular in recent years and people can make quite a b ...

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