Writing great reviews for your Review Site

great reviews

Creating a review site can be a great choice if you are considering promoting a product or a service. Why? First of all, reviews are very useful for consumers as well as sellers of a product/service. If you want help to make the right choices or if you want to get more detailed information about something everybody will Google it first. This means that there are a lot of people who are interested in your content. With good quality reviews that really help them evaluate things before buying, you can direct a buyer to the right site. Getting a percentage of that sale means you can really earn quite a bit of money with review sites. There is also the option that you may have the opportunity to test new products for free if you write a review about it and of course some companies would like to be a marketing partner, which can also generate a constant revenue stream.

How can you best manage a good review site?

On the internet, you will soon find that there are many review sites covering just about every niche, and so to make yours a success, your content must be good. You should also come across as a trustworthy source that doesn't give false reviews, even if a brand has asked you to rate their product in exchange for payment or rewards. So try to be as original as possible when writing reviews.

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It is advisable to always be honest

The first rule of writing a review is to always tell the truth. A spammy, promotional copy masquerading as a review is of no real interest to anyone, and even if you write a review for something you got for free or paid to endorse, it actually hurts the reputation of the brand with which you work when you lie or appear like a saleswoman, rather than a real consumer.

If you want to talk about or promote a product you haven't used, there are ways to do it. For example, you can compare the specifications of different technical products or give a preview of a product that you might like to have, but don't have yet. Therefore, you can speak honestly about things that you have not experienced firsthand, while maintaining your integrity. 

For example, you could talk about a new laptop and say you love the design and the webcam features are a great asset, but don't say you found the photo editing software easy to use. Second, feel free to also mention the downsides of a product or service, even if you really want people to buy the product. Most products have the odd downside, and unless you're really super enthusiastic about the product you're reviewing, pretending it's perfect will just come across as insincere.

Consider how to test the products

When people search for reviews, they often want to know things they can't find by looking at the product themselves in a store. Tell your users how you use the product in your daily routine, and also think about ways you can test it to give your readers a better idea of ​​how well it lives up to the manufacturers' claims about it. Some things, like tech gadgets, are pretty easy to design tests for, while others may require you to get more creative.

Perhaps you could design a test to see how well the new television you bought will hold, or a test to see how long a new toy will keep your kids entertained. Whether you're scientific or quirky in the way you test products, it all makes for an interesting reading experience for your visitors and can make your reviews stand out.

Compare products or services

When people are trying to buy a product, it often goes between a few fairly similar products. If you can, compare products or a range of products, it can be a really helpful way to provide the information your readers need. In that case, you may want to compare some cheap products, for example different brands of soup, or compare a new product with an old product you already have.

Of course, if you want to compare more expensive products, you won't be able to buy them all just for your test, so see where you can borrow stuff from friends or get trial products from the manufacturers. You can also compare things purely based on their features and specifications without doing any testing, as long as (as discussed) you don't lie about having used all the products you talk about on your review site.

Make use of images and videos

To add more weight to your reviews, you can take some unique photos or screenshots, or even take videos of you using the items or services. This will show your readers that you have really tested the things you are reviewing, and will also support what you say better than official product photos. As with any website, make sure that you are not infringing on copyright when using images.

Some reviewers actually find a lot of success doing full video reviews rather than written. This can be good for certain things, such as beauty products, where the visual effects of the item are important and you don't need to include a lot of technical specifications and other hard data.

As you can see, creating a good review and publishing it on your own review site is a little more than just talking about whether you like something or not, and while that's a big part of it, the more you really find out about it, the better your review will be. 

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