What is a review site?

review site

Nowadays the internet is indispensable and offers many people the opportunity not only to search for information or to maintain contact with family and friends, but you can also earn a lot of money. Knowing where to start to make money via the internet, however, is one of the biggest obstacles aspiring online entrepreneurs face. Not everyone succeeds in being successful on the internet when it comes to making money online.

One of the most common types of websites that will help you earn money are review sites. These sites have become popular in recent years and people can make quite a bit of profit in just a few months. How do you make money? With something that is called “affiliate marketing”. There are various affiliate networks, where you can sign up to generate a good commission, when for example a user buys a product or signs up with a dating site while using your affiliate link. But what is a review site you will ask yourself. This article will go into this in detail.

What exactly is a review site?

Most of you have heard of review sites but when it comes to give a clear description of these types of sites, you will see that some will have to think twice before answering the question. A review site is a clear and clean website that provides reviews of products, goods and services, mainly used by a large group of people. Most of the time you will find consumer reviews as well as editorial reviews. The list of products and services is growing every day.

Advantages of review sites

Review sites have great advantages. The biggest advantage of a review website is that it allows you, as the owner of the site, the ability to generate passive income. This means that you can earn quite a bit of money online with your review website from home without worries. There are many benefits and they are not just about making money. For example, you can work on your site when you want and where you want. You don’t need an office or regular working hours, just an internet connection. There are digital nomads out there, that travel the world, while maintaining their sites on a beach in Thailand! This doesn’t mean you don’t have to invest time and effort to be successful in making money online. It will be your own virtual business.

Building Review Sites 

Building your own review website from scratch will be tricky, especially if you don’t know how to code. Due to its theme and plugin infrastructure, WordPress has been used for a lot of review sites. It has its perks, but essentially it was created to build general websites and blogs. The strength of WordPress is that you can create all kinds of websites, but this is also its weakness. You will always have too many features that you won’t use but also too many features that are missing to get a proper review site. 

To create a review site with WordPress, you will need a lot of plugins or you will need to know how to code yourself. The abundance of useless features and the adding of plugins will result in a sluggish and code heavy site. Google doesn’t like this at all, which means that most of the times you will be playing catch-up with your competition.

However, with the right software, it will be very easy. ReviewTycoon has been developed with the single purpose of creating review sites. When you use ReviewTycoon you will have the proper framework out of the box and you can invest your time in what really counts and that is getting customers or visitors to your review site. Just pick the niche you think will be successful and start generating reviews for the products or services that belong to that niche. Everything is possible, from dating sites to credit card companies or airport parking.

You can also rate new products and services

The nice thing about a review site is that you can rate new products or services as soon as they are released. As your website becomes more popular and has a large number of users, you can contact the product companies directly and ask them for specific review copies of their newly launched products. Most of them would love to agree and even promote your website. This falls under the heading of branding without spending a cent for it.

How can I interest people in my website?

A few years ago, ranking a website was not difficult. The concept of making money with websites that contain editorial or consumer reviews was not yet known to many. Nowadays it is more tricky to rank a website in the search engines. The best way to do this is to choose a less competitive niche. Fortunately, creating a review site is still less competitive compared to the other niches. The more content you have on your review site, the more visitors you will get. People love to participate in reviews and share their opinions. And you can also attract quite a bit of audience through social media too. 

I want a review site, how should I start?

First you think of a specific niche you think has the potential to make you money. Then you pick a domain. It is really important to pick the right software. ReviewTycoon will be your best pick. In the online world, you want to be two steps ahead, not behind!

The next step will be to get content on your review site and to sign up for affiliate programs to get your referral links. 

When you have chosen ReviewTycoon, it will be very easy to set up your review site. You can start adding websites, offers or products in mere seconds, while knowing that you work with a structurally sound framework that makes Google happy. And it is very important to make Google happy, because a review site that has been created properly will rank!

Get started with your first review site!