What should we implement in the MVP of Review123?

We're currently working on the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) of Review123. We want to make sure that all features that are necessary to use the software will be included when we launch (June 26th 2018).

Remember the wise words of https://37signals.com/: Make a kick-ass half, not a half-assed whole.

Right now we have the following list of features which should be included in the MVP version:

[x]Adding domains (CloudFlare API, DirectAdmin API)
[x]Edit Domain
[x]Search domain
[x]adding categories
[x]delete categories
[x]edit categorie
[x]Adding websites
[x]Edit Website
[x]Search Websites
[ ]Approve/search/edit/delete Reviews
[ ]Approve/search/edit/delete Comments
[ ]Feedback
[ ]Add/edit/delete Articles
[ ]Tutorials
[ ]Plans can be upgraded/downgraded
[x]Add Affiliate sites
[ ]Import data
[ ]Export data
[x]Edit your profile
[ ]Google analytics API
[ ]Banners

Let me know if there are any features that are 100% vital for your business so I can include them before we launch: [email protected]