Advanced tracking and traffic diversion

Update: 30 juli 2020

To make use of the Advanced Tracking you have to toggle Advanced Options to Yes. You will find this option in My Profile, (top right corner drop-down menu).

When you turned Advanced Tracking on, you can find it in the sidebar under content -> Advanced Tracking.

With ReviewTycoon you can create custom tracking links, so you can track incoming traffic that comes from specific sources. This gives you the option to direct traffic from for example Facebook to a different URL, then traffic that comes from Google, while still using the same page or review site. You can also use this to change the urls of the offers on a specific (landing) page. It will all depend on the url that is used to generate the traffic, by adding a parameter to it.

When you add an offer to your review site, you use the clean site url, for example: There will be no tracking. When you click on the button Visit Hertz, it will simply go to the clean url. By entering your affiliate url or tracking url in Edit offer -> Affiliate information, text area "Affiliate url", it will overwrite the clean url. Traffic that clicks on Visit Hertz will now be directed to the url that is entered in "Affiliate url". This counts for the offers on the review site as well as the landing pages you created. 

When you want to direct your traffic to a different offer url (so not the clean url, or the one you entered in affiliate url), that's where the parameters can be used. By adding ?parameter=xxx (where xxx is the parameter you will have to specify), to the url of the page you want to promote, you can direct your traffic to where ever you like. Your url might look something like this or

Getting started, your parameter setup

In Advanced Tracking you will find 4 options. First you pick your review site from the drop-down menu. Then you enter the Parameter you would like to use (this will be in the url), for example facebook. You select the offer and in the last text field you enter the new URL. Click on the add url button and you will see a list of the urls you've created in the table below. Here you see the URL with parameter for the whole review site. It will look like this

If you want to direct traffic to a landing page you've created you simply copy the parameter part, in this case ?parameter=facebook and past it after the landing page URL. Your url will now look  like this:

When traffic now enters your review site or (landing) page using the url with the specified parameter, a cookie will be stored and the new url offer will be used that you entered in Advanced Tracking. You can do this for all offers on your review site.