How to use ReviewTycoon for PPC marketing (Pay Per Click) such as Adsense and Facebook Ads

Update: 14 september 2020

You can use ReviewTycoon for SEO, but also as a landing page for your PPC marketing. Whether it's Adsense, Facebook or any other traffic source.

Benefits of using ReviewTycoon

ReviewTycoon has some big benefits over sending traffic directly to your offers.

    • Some traffic sources such as Facebooks ads have a strict no adult policy. The rules for review sites is less strict.
    • Instead of promoting one offer directly, you can promote several offers simultaneously. Your visitors can select one or multiple offers they want to sign up to.
    • Review sites have authority. If your offer is on the number 1 spot on a review site, your visitor is affirmed that he's making the right choice by signing up.
    • Using review sites as landing page can increase your Quality Score which will lower the price you pay per click.

How do I setup my ReviewTycoon review site to optimize it as a landing page.

      • Remove the sidebar from the frontpage through Edit Domain.
      • Set your review site to use Editorial Ratings through Edit Domain.
      • Add 5 to 10 offers/websites. Don't forget to write a compelling summary in the field 'Custom Top 10 text' (under Main Information) and add a Editorial Rating (under Review Settings).

How to track your traffic

    • Setup correct tracking links for Adwords.
    • The variables - like utm_source and utm_campaign - in those tracking links will be set as cookies after a visitor clicks on your google ad.
    • When a visitor clicks on a outgoing link on your review site, the saved variable will be added to the link he clicked. This way your server or Google Analytics will see which traffic converts to which leads.